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Latin Boot Camps

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Beauty in the Darkness

I recently wrote a piece for Credo magazine entitled “Beauty in the Darkness: A Surprising Encounter with God’s Omnipresence.” You can read it here.

(Don’t) Take and Eat: The Eucharist and Spiritual Reception

I wrote this article for the Living Church in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, when churches around the world were closed due to government orders for citizens to remain at home. In it I reflect on the practice of spiritual communion: to receive the Eucharist even when one is not able to receive the elements.

Read the whole article here.

Wonder: A Quotidian Necessity (Beimfohr-Neuss Lecture at Cornell)

I was invited by the Chesterton House to give their annual Beimfohr-Neuss lecture in 2019. I spoke of the role of wonder in a life worth living.

The video is available here.

Forma Podcast: How to Watch a Summer Blockbuster

Another conversation on movies, with a wider scope. Listen to my conversation with Forma’s Heidi White here.

Academic Work

The Father of Lights: A Theology of Beauty

This book answers the question: “What is a theological account of the experience of the beautiful?” In the course of keying this experience to a memory of God that we have coded into our hearts, the discussion ranges over analogy, language, metaphor, semiotics, sacraments, and icons. What emerges is a theology of the image of […]

“Unlocking Bonaventure: The Collationes in Hexaëmeron as Interpretive Key.” The Thomist 83:2 (2019).

This is a review essay of Jay Hammond’s translation of Bonaventure’s Collationes in Hexaemeron. I explain the importance of this text within the Bonaventurean corpus before assessing Hammond’s accomplishment with the translation. The full text is available here.

“The Eucharistic Horizon of Bonaventure’s Christology: A Speculative Proposal”

This article expands upon elements of Bonaventure’s Christology to develop an account of the Eucharist inspired by Bonaventure’s understanding of the person of Christ. Originally a conference paper, it will appear later this year in a volume of proceedings of that conference. This article appears in Friar, Teacher, Minister, Bishop, Essays in Celebration of the […]

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Latin Boot Camps

Go here to get information about the next Latin Boot Camps!

The Wisdom of Possibility

This January, I will be offering a 12 week course, taught by Zoom, on the imagination. Read more and register here.