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Edge of Thought Complete

I am now officially seeking representation for The Edge of Thought. Updates will follow.

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Christ and Analogy Available for Pre-Order

Christ and Analogy is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The link is here. It ships September 1.

On the Holy Eucharist

My translation of Bonaventure’s questions on the Eucharist from his Commentary on the fourth book of Lombard’s Sentences is headed off to the editor. I’ll post publication details here as they become available.

Patristic and Medieval Atonement Theory: A Guide to Research

A short book orienting the reader to key figures, texts, and problems in the doctrine of atonement in the Patristic and Medieval periods, including a summary of the state fo secondary literature on the subject. Estimated completion Dec. 2013.

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Brass Dates

Check the Brass webpage for upcoming performance info.

Rivendell Institute Summer Seminar

The Rivendell Institute is hosting a 2 week Summer Seminar June 3-16, 2012. This program is aimed at Christian graduate and advanced undergraduate students seeking to explore ways to bring their faith to bear in an authentic and respectful manner on their scholarly work. See the attached Summer Institute Brochure for details.