The Wisdom of Possibility

This January, I will be offering a 12 week course, taught by Zoom, on the imagination. Read more and register here.

AAR 2020

I will be presenting a paper at the American Academy of Religion conference this year, which has gone virtual in response to the public health crisis. The session, co-hosted by the Mysticism, Platonism and Neo-Platonism, and Pragmatism and Empiricism in American Religious Thought units, will consider Willemien Otten’s recent book Thinking Nature and the Nature of Thinking. Info about the session can be found here for AAR members.

Abandonment, Hope, and Glory: Reflections on Psalm 22

This is a mini-exhibition I did for the Visual Commentary on Scripture. In it, I reflect on Psalm 22 in relation to the crucifixion of Christ through three magnificent works of art. Check out the exhibit here.

“Unlocking Bonaventure: The Collationes in Hexaëmeron as Interpretive Key.” The Thomist 83:2 (2019).

This is a review essay of Jay Hammond’s translation of Bonaventure’s Collationes in Hexaemeron. I explain the importance of this text within the Bonaventurean corpus before assessing Hammond’s accomplishment with the translation.

The full text is available here.