Evening Conversations about Topics That Matter

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In the Medieval university, collationes ("gatherings" or "conferences") were conversations often held in the evenings in the presence of a small group of students and teachers. More informal than disputations and often somewhat experimental, they were unique places to engage the thought of the teacher.

This practice is the inspiration for this series of evening conversations, which will cover a variety of topics both theological and philosophical. I invite you to go deep on questions of ultimate importance, but in an informal setting that allows you access to add your own comments and questions.

These events are free, but require registration. See the relevant page for details. To be informed of offerings and registration windows, join the mailing list and select "Theological Studies."


Reading with God: The Practices and Principles That Shape Our Engagement with Scripture

The Necessity of Dragons: An Apology for Wonder

Defending the Faith in Love: Understanding Christian Apologetics

The Journey of the Mind to God: Theological Reflections on Beauty, Imagination, and Wonder

“This is a friendly, informal format where you can learn and share ideas about different aspects of faith. Junius as leader is welcoming, encouraging, real, orthodox, very knowledgeable, and clearly loves the Lord and loves people.”


“This is a rare opportunity to hear from an articulate, imaginative  thinker, who intersects his academic knowledge and his living faith in refreshing clarity. Every time I hear Junius Johnson speak, I walk away asking: ‘Did I forget how exciting and joyful the life of the mind can be?’”


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