Theological Literacy

Understanding the Foundations of the Christian Faith

The central tenets or dogmas of the Christian faith were not read fully formed from the pages of the New Testament; rather, it took generations of the faithful reflecting on the implications of the teaching of Jesus and the apostles to clarify Christian teaching. During this time, numerous alternate understandings of the nature of the trinitarian God, the person of Christ, and the nature of salvation developed, were debated, and ultimately rejected.

In this course, students will develop what I am calling theological literacy by attention to four central doctrines of the Christian faith: the Trinity, Christology, atonement, and the doctrine of grace. We will study each doctrine from a primary source situated at a key point in the historical development of the doctrine. Discussions will situate orthodox doctrine in the context of competing claims, and connect it to the exegesis of Scripture that grounds it. The result is a deeper understanding of why Christian theology looks the way that it does, and an increased ability to recognize what is at stake in various theological debates.

The course will take place by Zoom over six evenings, once per week. Tuition is $200 per student.

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