Fairy Heritage Book 1: The Edge of Thought

Fairy Heritage is set in a universe in which all worlds hang like fruit from the limbs of the Story Trees, set amidst the beneficent influence of the stars.  These worlds are populated by diverse races, each with their own purpose, aims, and goals.  Fairy Heritage is the story of the Second Great War, a battle for the existence of the Trees themselves and the continuance of the Story of creation.  The series is projected to cover four books.

The first volume, The Edge of Thought, tells the story of the rise of a human hero, one who will represent humanity alongside the other races in the coming struggle.  As he awakens to his power and grows up under the tutelage of a mysterious fairy known only as Wanderer, he finds himself in a cosmos very different from anything he had ever imagined, and discovers that the consequences of his actions echo much further than he had ever dared to hope.

Completed: Seeking Representation