Latin Acceleration

How We Can Come Alongside Your Students

Philip Halling / Latin inscription, Odda’s Chapel

Monday, March 29, 2021, 7:30 pm Central Time

As teachers, parents, and heads of school, one encounters a variety of students with differing relations to Latin. In some cases, an incoming student is not prepared to join his or her peers in the age appropriate Latin class; sometimes there is a student who struggles to understand Latin grammar, or another student who is not having difficulty, but just isn’t that interested or inspired. And nearly every student would benefit from taking a step back and looking at the language from a different perspective, outside of the weeds of the daily grind of memorization and quizzes.

I offer a variety of services to help address these common issues, ranging from free, one-time evening seminars to a month-long summer experience designed to quickly get students up to speed, in addition to custom programs developed in conversation with your school. I bring more than 20 years experience teaching Latin at every level from elementary to graduate school, combined with years of experience as Latin translator, to the task of motivating and accelerating your students.

In this free meeting, I will lay out the principles of my pedagogical method and give you an overview of the various programs I offer. In the end, I hope that you will be encouraged in your own teaching and curriculum development, and also feel that you have additional resources to bring to bear to promote positive and even exceptional student outcomes.

Designed specifically for heads of school, Latin teachers, and parents teaching Latin, this one hour session will be held over Zoom. It is free, but registration is required. Let’s have a conversation about how I can come alongside your Latin programs!

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Here is what some former students and parents have said about my programs:

This session helps to situate Latin as a language within the broader culture of the Romans, and also to contrast it to our own. It explained why Latin is written the way it is, and helped me to see how to start deconstructing complex sentences in order to better translate them.


Junius Johnson loves Latin and has an engaging way of presenting it to his students.


With humor, intelligent discussion, and deep insights, Junius Johnson gives you more than an overview or introduction to Latin, he inspires you to keep learning hard things while giving you a vision and much fuller picture of Latin.


Latin Boot Camp 1 was so fun! Mr. Junius used gloriously fun activities to explain concepts applying not just to Latin but to all of language. He broadened my conception of language as a whole. Latin Boot Camp was engaging and entertaining; it has made me eager not just to learn Latin, but to explore it as a wonderful adventure land.


About the Instructor
Dr. Junius Johnson (PhD, Yale University) is internationally recognized as a leading Latinist and a dynamic teacher. An accomplished linguist proficient in twelve languages, Dr. Johnson studied Latin at the Vatican with the late Fr. Reginald Foster, architect of many of the Vatican’s Latin documents in the second half of the twentieth century and widely regarded as one of the greatest modern Latinists. As a Lecturer in Ecclesiastical Latin at the masters and doctoral level at Yale University for nearly a decade, Dr. Johnson’s former students include some of the brightest and most accomplished young scholars working today. His translations have appeared in books by Yale University Press and numerous scholarly journals, have been set to music, and have even been used in Hollywood. He is the author of four books, including Bonaventure On The Eucharist: Commentary on the Sentences, Book IV,dist. 8-13, (Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations 23, Louvain: Peeters Press, 2017), an English translation of an important Medieval theological text.

Dr. Johnson also has extensive experience teaching children, having worked in both public schools and private schools. He has also tutored students of all ages. He is passionate about helping students discover the joys of Latin and equipping them to succeed in its study.

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