Article: “Theological Word and Literary Flesh: Bonaventurean Cosmology and the Cosmic Trilogy of C.S. Lewis.”

The text of the article, published in Literature and Theology, may be found here.


C.S. Lewis’ Cosmic trilogy borrows extensively from Lewis’ training as a medievalist in the construction of its narrative world. This fact invites a close comparison of the relationship of Lewis’ fictional universe to medieval cosmology. This article attempts such a comparison, using as its medieval example St. Bonaventure, one of the greatest of the medieval Platonists. Bonaventure’s theologically-driven cosmology and Lewis’ fictional setting will be compared on three themes: 1) the use of the image of light, 2) imago dei theology, and 3) possible worlds. The result is an illumination of themes and commitments in the theology underlying the Cosmic Trilogy.