Dynamic Speaking That Captivates Heart and Mind

It is not always easy to bring in a speaker who can deliver powerful content in a way that is dynamic, engaging, and consistent with the values of your organization. Sometimes a speaker’s excellent content is marred by bland delivery or a failure to engage the audience; at others, a dynamic speaker fails to say anything really meaningful, or cuts against one of your organization’s core messages.

And then, when you find the ideal speaker, there is always the question of budget: can you even afford to bring this person in?

Let me help you book with confidence. I offer:

  • Content delivered at top universities like Yale, Cornell, and Duke
  • Experience speaking at conferences for pastors, teachers, laypersons, and non-specialists
  • Customized content designed to develop your theme and synergize with the rest of the event program
  • A healthy mixture of humor and gravity
  • Talks that speak to the heart as well as the head, drawing out wonder and joy from the listeners
  • Willingness to work with you and your budget to allow you to focus on crafting the program you most want

Inspire and Challenge Your People

Transformation requires a vision for the future, which must be imparted to the mind. But it also requires inspiration and passion, which must come from the heart. When these two are joined together, the experience is memorable and a wellspring of future insight.

Experience the satisfaction of hosting a great event

See your people equipped, inspired, and challenged

Encounter content you will keep returning to